About this website

What is this?

This is a community website for residents, community groups, businesses and visitors in Golborne (North Kensington, London).

Who made this?

Local Councillors, a talented young artist, a student web geek and a website expert, all local people, with input from Golborne traders and shopkeepers.

Councillors had been asked for help to encourage people to visit the area and to boost local business. We also wanted to get the area and its groups and residents better connected. After discussion we decided that the whole of Golborne including our stretch of Portobello Market (‘Upper Portobello’ as we call it), Golborne Market and the neighbourhood needed a website, where everyone who lives or works here can publicise services and events, communicate and chat to each other. A long-term ambition is to get more people using the net in the area.

How can I get involved?

The website’s structure and design has now been set up, but we need you to tell us what you want to use it for: lovegolborne@gmail.com.

You can comment on a Forum subject, or set up a new one about an issue that concerns or interests you. Add a notice in to our Noticeboard, it’s a free way to advertise local events and information. Attend or contribute to the Events that we are organising this year.

We’d also love to hear from you if you’d like to receive emails about planning, policing or licensing applications in the area, to help us update and maintain the website, or to volunteer your help or expertise in other ways to help your community: lovegolborne@gmail.com.

What is the lovegolborne initiative?

The Golborne Initiative Phase 1 was a £30,000 per year two-year fund from the Council won by your Councillors to encourage residents to help influence how money is spent in the area and ensure funding focuses on what matters to local people. This first phase is complete but we are working towards winning funding for a further four years to continue our projects.

The first phase included a very popular ‘community kitty’ set aside to encourage local residents and community groups to apply for sums of up to £200 for smaller events or projects, which can be agreed fairly quickly. Larger amounts go through a more rigorous approval process.

What events will we give money to? The event or project should benefit the residents of Golborne, and we expect the event or project to be held within Golborne Ward boundaries.

The money is not available to fund Capital works and we are unlikely to support applications for events and projects if other local funds are available to support such applications.

The application process is very simple, email lovegolborne@gmail.com for details.


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